Boardwalk Artist & Performers


RA Superstarr!

Who says you need big blank boring white walls to showcase art. Forget the wine and cheese, grab a pizza and coke, and stroll down 1 mile of local arts, crafts, live performances, and all kinds of trinkets you say no one else in their right mind would think of selling. That’s part of the wonder of it all. The unpredictable becomes pleasant surprises and unique experiences every corner you take.
The artists of Venice take their art seriously, and nowhere else is their passion for self expression more evident here in the people’s own stage. The art is pure, uncensored, raw, non-commercial, and bares all of the artist soul for all to see.

Some of the crafts are rather clever, from mermaid sand sculptures to airplanes and ships made with soda cans, unique only to Venice.

Don’t forget to catch a live performance for a few laughs, and groove to the moves of the roller dancers, and of course, let down your hair, swing those hips, and get tribal at the drum circle.



2’s a Crowd!

Alfred Carr & Willis Green    aka: Seymour 

Currently appearing most weekends at “The World Famous Venice Beach Boardwalk” …you will also find this comedy duo on Monday Nights at “The Comedy Club”.   and working on a pilot called “On the Street”

born and raised in Denver, Colorado 1st cousins

Danced for recording artist Michil’le, also danced for Timmy T.

Danced with Japanese artist: Hiroko, toured London and Japan.

1993 were cast members on a show called “Roundhouse” on Nickelodeon.

1995 “MTV 20 Countdown”

1995 Danced for “MTV Music Awards” in New York 

1997 “Jenny Jones”

1998 Guest Spot on “Keenan And Kal” Nickelodeon

2000 “Busker Festival

NBC “Friday Night Videos”

Appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”

Guest appearance on “Hanging wit Mr. Cooper”

Did a show called “Sahvado Degante” on the Spanish Channel

Guest Stared  on “The Stephanie Miller Show” UPN 13

Comedy Tour using the name “Touch of Class”…Australia, China, London, and many cities in the “Good ‘ol US of A”



Entertaining the Crowds at Venice Beach 2001