Love, Peace, Drums…and Shopping!

Yes Venice is the one stop unique shopping experience. On one side, you have the souvenir and gift shops with their t-shirts, socks, handbags, luggage, and assorted other items, and on the other side, you have the art vendors with their “portable” set-up folding tables and chairs selling their arts and crafts.

Above is a unique perspective of the boardwalk as you would see it if you were standing on the beach. This is also the view from the drum circle when it is moved out in the sand. It is quite a site to look at all those colorful buildings dotted with palm trees. Each building has it’s own charm and character. Some are apartment buildings with shops in the first floor. Others are office buildings and restaurants. Our office is in the 2nd floor window of the four-story red brick building nestled between two groups of palm trees. This is directly in the same vicinity that the drum circle comes to congregate.

Go ahead and give yourself a tour by scrolling the slide-bar. Soon you will be able to click on a building and get a bigger image and the shops on the first floor. There you will be able to see what each shop is offering with their prices and be able to shop online here. Enjoy!

We will also categorize the shops based on what services and merchandize they offer, whether it be dining, gift shops, specialty shops, cafes, fast foods, or, tattoo and body-piercing parlors. Everything under the sun is literally-under the Venice Beach sun.