Drummers & Dancers


This is the heart and soul of the Drum Circle. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the spectators, listeners, and tourists. All are welcome, whether one chooses to merely be a part of the whole spectacle just by being there to watch or to listen and perhaps adding an occasional clap of the hand, stomp of the feet, or nod of the head.

In fact, it wouldn’t be the same without the “audience”, for it is in some ways a performance, and the “artists” give to the audience and the audience gives to the performers. But special credence must be given to the drummers and dancers who more or less give of themselves whether as entertainment for others to hear and see or to satisfy the need to express themselves for their own personal reasons. That is part of the “magic” of the Venice Beach Drum Circle – a celebration of the freedom to express oneself as well as the harmony and unity of the music and dance…

Allow us to introduce you to some of our cast “regulars” who frequent the Venice Beach Drum Circle celebration. We have after all, become one big family who comes together twice a week, and greets each other with love and enthusiasm as proof that brotherhood and sisterhood is alive and well, and extended for everyone who comes and frequents the gathering. For, you see, some take extended vacations and eventually come back, and still others disappear, yet new family members arrive and in time become veterans themselves – this is the changing of the drummers. It is a constant flux of newcomers and hiatuses.

So click on the galleries above and sit back and get to know what makes some of the drummers and dancers tick, or beat. The family album will change with time as the never-ending saga of the Venice Beach Drum Circle goes around and around – with no beginning, and no ending…