Other Drum Circles


As you may or may not know, each drum circle is unique and has their own character and idiosyncrasies. But they all play the universal language of drums.


Griffith Park Drum Circle
Takes place near the Merry-go-round at Travel Town in Griffith Park. Here you will find some of the most talented drummers anywhere. They take their drumming seriously and yet have fun showing off their talent. The drummers have so much respect for one another. Mostly congas here with some djembe players make this a Latin rhythm paradise. Great intense vibe. Every Sunday 2pm.

Venice Beach Meets Griffith Park




Santa Barbara Drum Circle

Great location right by the beach with palm trees and green grass. Very laid back atmosphere and mellow rhythms. Every Saturday starts at around 4pm.



This is the private Malibu Saloon on the Dry Gulch Ranch where the Dry Gulch Drumcircle meets a couple times a month (by invitation only). It is truly a slice of paradise located in the Santa Mountains nestled in a box canyon in Malibu with an ocean view, complete with a Tipi that sleeps 4 or more, with a Cabaña, and a Calvary tent too. The drummers can drum till dawn without any hassle from the neighbors. As a matter of fact the few neighbors we have near by, come by to hang out, drum, dance, and have fun with us! Here are just a few pictures with the guys and gals with a promise of more to come 😉 They inspired me to take pictures again. Many, many, thanx to the Dry Gulch Drumcircle and especially to it’s core members who helped me build this to what it is today! A slice of drumming paradise!



THANK YOU! OMG! Everyone should turn 50 in this kinda’ style! Surrounded by many of my very best friends; we brought in my big 50 in high fashion. We ate, drank, and were very merry for about 3 days ~ as I recall 😉 I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!! (and for those who could not make it, you were missed, and loved too, so we partied real hard for you)… and I have a few pictures to prove it 😉 See ya’ll again ~ real soon, ya hear?!